Monday, 19 September 2016

Gidi Chamdi 's car is on the first page of DSPORT magazine!

We're pretty excited to see this thing go!

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Monday, 5 September 2016

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Ekanoo Smashing his own R35 Record!

(UPDATE) Ekanoo and the teams involved have just run a 7.30 sec 1/4 mile!

Not to mention this was on the first pass. Ekanoo racing are gaining records on a weekly basis at the moment, the latest record for his T1 GTR being a 7.366 1/4 Mile run at 331km/h. (206mph) Not only that but not long afterward a further 7.45 sec 1/4 mile at 325km/h (202mph) was run. This car is crazy fast and Ekanoo's team have no intentions of slowing down! Check out the video below of the pass. Turn the sound up, sit back and enjoy. 

Video Clip thanks to Ekanoo
Image thanks to Ekanoo

-Nathan Malmo

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Backed By Dodson Motorsport in 2016.

2016 is set to be a big for competitive Motorsport, with well known companies like AMS developing builds that people were only dreaming about 5 years ago, we are expecting some seriously fast cars this year. As Dodson Motorsport have begun to back a few more builds this season we have decided to do regular updates to keep all of our followers informed as to what's happening where and answer the mind blowing question "How fast did you just say that went!?" when someone mentions the latest 1/4 mile drag time set...

Img: AMS Performance
Gidi Chamdi is a name familiar in the drag racing scene, No matter what the event is he is usually in attendance with a car carrying just enough horsepower to blow your wig off. Dodson Motorsport have backed Gidi's latest build the Alpha G, being built by AMS Performance. This car is set to have 2500 hp and pretty much leave your heart at the start line which excites us like a fresh engine build does!

Img: Dsport Magazine
A Name we are all familiar with.. Shepherd Transmissions. John Shepherd has taken the cover off of his GTR and started the late night wrenching to get his personal GTR back out there for the 2016 race season, and that's in between doing transmission build after transmission build for customer cars. Let's see a new record set...! ;)

Img: Top Speed Motorsports
TopSpeed Motorsports have received a sponsorship from Dodson Motorsport for the 2016 season and we look forward to seeing them out there! These guys are fast, and this 2016 season they are going to be even faster. Brace yourselves for awesome video footage and stunning photo's from these guys (as well as some incredible drag racing...)

Img: Kozmic Motorsports
There are a handful of other cars, teams and drivers Dodson Motorsport have helped for this coming race season. Kozmic Motorsport and their EVO X are set to keep the record their own this season with the help of a fresh Dodson Motorsport CSK + Clutch.

Img: Keedo Photography
Chris Hill (Midwestmodded) is a driver with a large appearance in the aftermarket industry. With a sudden failure to his motor last year he has been down for a while, however his car will be appearing this season with a fresh motor build by Top Speed Motorsports and a transmission upgrade from Dodson Motorsport, look out for this car on 1320video

Img: Forged Performance
There are a select few companies that have also received a helping hand from Dodson Motorsport such as Forged Performance who also deserve all the recognition we can give. Forged Performance are popular for their circuit days, touge cruises and generally all things twisty and fast! if you live in the Atlanta area and enjoy your GTR definitely inquire about one of his days, meet the team and head along.  

While this post might be wrapping up for now, don't go too far... This year we will maintain a track on all the above cars, cars we have here in New Zealand and more to give everybody in every corner of the globe that follows Dodson Motorsport an insight into records set, events held and a general idea of how large the Motorsport world really is now. Stay Tuned!

All Images thanks to the photographers stated under each photo.
You can click through any of the above links to head through to each represented companies website for further information.  

- Nathan Malmo

Monday, 21 December 2015

The Final Achievements, 2015.

As we bid farewell to 2015, we bid farewell to a serious selection of world firsts, records and titles. With the likes of AMS, T1 Race Developments, ETS and a handful of other tuning shops all leading the way with the R35 GTR platform, competition won't stop in 2016 and we are more excited than ever. Already lined up for 2016 there are a number of events that have everyone anxiously waiting to see what the leaders in the world of Motorsport can achieve and who might come out of the shadows and take everybody by surprise.

Before Dodson Motorsport end the year of 2015, we would like to congratulate a few recent achievements by dealers, customers and friends...

Photo by: AMS Performance

This might be a few weeks late but we are happy to see another Alpha 16 joining the 7 second club! Sean Ivey of Ivey Technologies LLC in New Jersey has just recently run a 7.91 second 1/4 Mile at a healthy 183 mph. That's enough to put a smile on anybodies face, Ivey Technologies is a long standing GTR dealer for Dodson Motorsport and his personal car uses a Dodson Transmission. 

Photo by: Sameet Ahmed

This beautiful M4 pictured above is owned by a customer of Dodson Motorsport and a regular Sameet, This car has a build thread from the very beginning and has now run it's way into the elite 10 second DCT BMW club! This car currently sits at 704whp/672 ft lb's of torque using a Dodson Superstock clutch and Pure stage 2 turbo's. A 10.798 sec 1/4 mile at 133.07 mph brings this M4 to be Direct Competition with TPG tuning and their M4 which ran a 10.79 1/4 also... Bring on 2016!! To check out the build thread click through this link : Sameets M4 10 sec Build

Photo by: Rene Vermeer (NZPC)

Dodson Motorsport customer Ian Clegg of Xtreme Performance has recently stepped into the R35 GTR game and is on his way to future top rankings here in New Zealand. Recently down at a series called NZ Super-lap, Rene Vermeer of NZPC snapped this photo along with the top photo of Ian driving his way to a surprising lap time around Pukekohe of 1.12571 minutes. Keeping in mind this is someone who has just stepped into the GTR and series in general! Keep an eye out for this particular GTR this coming year as not only the car progresses but his driving as well..  

That just about wraps up 2015 here, with the beginning of next year already very promising with new product release for most platforms and new records to be set we are in for an exciting 2016. 

From the team here at Dodson Motorsport, Happy Holidays!

All Images thanks to the following :

Rene Vermeer of New Zealand Performance Car

Check out the Features sites here :

Sunday, 6 December 2015

The Latest : Dodson Billet FUA

After displaying at Sema show 2015, the latest version of the Dodson Motorsport adjustable Front Upper Arm is now available to the public! Moving from the previous chromoly design, this updated version of the Dodson FUA is a strong one piece Billet Aluminium arm, engraved on upper and lower sides and completely adjustable with up to negative 6 degrees of camber adjustment. The latest version Dodson FUA is suitable for both Race and Road applications and come as a pair ready to install. Dodson Motorsport Front Upper Arms are left and right side specific. 

For further information or to purchase a set of Billet Front Upper Arms, please contact your nearest Dodson Motorsport dealer or Dodson Motorsport directly at :   

Visit our website for our entire product range and to find a dealer nearest you :