Friday, 19 June 2015

AMS : Alpha Omega takes out the Texas Invitational KOTS 2 years Running!

Alpha Omega

The Texas Invitational King Of the Streets is an event held yearly that you should be on the look out for. Run as a rolling race, it gives teams the opportunity to line up as close as they can to their opponent at 60 mph, then as the light switches green all gates open and it's a 457.20 meter sprint to the finish line. With the teams competing using high horsepower cars, a lot of the win comes down to reaction time. 

Dodson Motorsport would now like to congratulate AMS Performance with the Alpha Omega taking out the championship for the second year in a row piloted by Ivan Phipps at AMS. Not only did they win the event overall, they also took out a fastest legal index pass in the events history with a 203.06 mph run. 

Alpha Omega sits at 2000whp using a Dodson Motorsport 12/12 Clutch and Extreme 
Duty Gear Set.

Click the link for AMS Performance Blog and check out a full spread on the event! :

Alpha Omega on a qualifying run

Check out the AMS video from the day below!

Pilot of Omega : Ivan Phipps
All Images/videos thanks to : AMS Performance.

Follow the link to their site :

Post By : Nathan @ Dodson Motorsport

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