Friday, 19 June 2015

Litchfield Imports Open Day

 Litchfield Imports workshop

Around Two weeks ago Glenn flew to the United Kingdom to spend some time at Litchfield Imports working with Iain and his team around our new Dodson Motorsport Extreme Duty Gear Set. During this time, Glenn had the opportunity to attend the Litchfield Imports Open Day, A huge day put on by Litchfield for everything GTR and everything High Performance. The day was open for the public, showing a range of products and services that are offered by Litchfield Imports including Dyno runs all day. Looked like an awesome day, with some great people and lots to learn. Great job guys!

Glenn, Iain Litchfield and World Touring Car Championship Driver Rob Huff

Bugatti Veyron

Litchfield Imports Workshop

Wasn't only R35 GTR's in attendance

 Images supplied by : Litchfield Imports.

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