Sunday, 5 July 2015

AMS Performance's Alpha Omega take back GTR World Title!

Ivan with Alpha Omega

Gaining a world title is a hard thing to do these days as Motorsport teams strive to lay down the quickest times in hopes of beating that current record by a millisecond, 
well AMS Performance have done it again. Taking Alpha Omega, the legendary 2000whp R35 GTR to the top with the quickest and fastest pass recorded in the world to date. A 7.485 pass run at 192.97 MPH has taken Alpha Omega back to the number one spot as Ivan, Pilot of Alpha Omega proudly states in the photo above. 

The record time slip

 It's not all clear sailing from here on however, as the competition is still fierce, The Alpha Omega has trumped previous record by ETS/English Racing with a slim 00.005 of a second.
We look forward to seeing future times and records set, Good Luck Guys!
Alpha Omega runs a Dodson 12 plate Promax clutch and a Dodson Extreme Gearset. 

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All Images thanks to AMS Performance.

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