Wednesday, 29 July 2015

TOTB : Ten of the Best 2015

Alex about to launch

Last weekend a competition was brewing within the gates of Elvington Airstrip in the UK. With people and their high power cars from all across Europe attending it was sure to be a hair raising experience for both driver and spectator. With three different divisions : Handling circuit, Top speed one kilometer run and 1/4 mile drag passes, there were bound to be records set and previous personal times beat. 

Martin James and the Litchfield crew, Scott, Dan and Will.

Litchfield Motors, a name most common in the British tuning scene attended in force, with three cars built and maintained by their shop. Martin James's (pictured above) LM1, Alex Robinson's LM1000 and Will Chappell's GTR which by the way, remains a stock body line with nothing but power in lay underneath. Click through to read Litchfield Imports full write up from the weekend and further photo's and information.

Martin James went through to take out an overall win across the event on his first go! Worth mentioning would be the fact that all of these cars were road driven to the event, competed all weekend and driven away under their own power. 

left: Will Chappell, Scott, Dan and Will. Right: Alex's GTR

John Curistan from ECC/AMS was also a fair competitor at TOTB in his R35 GTR, Having a final tune done the week previous and then having the car completely ready for the event was impressive! John managed to beat his PB 1/4 mile run with a 9.31sec pass @ 151mph. Moving on to the Kilometer speed run John managed a 189mph pass also beating his previous record. 

John Curistan's GTR

Over all a great result from an awesome event that will surely attract an even bigger crowd next year. Lets see further records broken and faster passes run! Until next time!

Visit : TOTB for further information regarding the event.
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Photos thanks too : Litchfield Imports
                          : John Curistan

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