Monday, 31 August 2015

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Kozmic Motorsports Ralliart EVOX

Every day we supply clutches, gears and Dual Clutch Transmission components to customers who are not only driving their cars daily, but also dragging and or tracking their cars, not only going for records but setting them too. This Segment is going to revolve around records set, personal bests achieved and events coming up. 

To begin with, Dodson Motorsport would like to congratulate Kozmic Motorsports Ralliart Mitsubishi EVOX, taking the stock turbo record with a 10.826 second 1/4 mile at 125.65 mph. This also bringing it to be the worlds fastest Ralliart EVOX with a 10.6 second pass at 134 mph. You can find the full build forum and list of achievements here : Build List 

Photo of T1 at Buscher Shootout

T1 Race Developments managed their 1st 7 second pass at the Buscher Shoot Out recently, and then only weeks down the road they are beating their PB, closing in on the title spot held by Alpha Omega by just Yesterday running a 7.696 second pass at 187.89 mph, the heat is on which means the coming months are going to be exciting, not only in the GTR world, but the Motorsport world.  

Rod Harvey Smoke Screen

Now make your way down to Australia, where last weekend Jamboree 25 was on at Queensland Raceway. Driver Rod Harvey, sponsored by Dodson Motorsport was in attendance with his Celica. Even though a new record wasn't set, good passes were driven all weekend with his first run being 6.15 seconds at 239.65 mph. This was followed by nothing but six second passes until at the end of the day, taking second place in the finals race against Mazfix Performance. 

Rod Harvey Lifting

However Rod will continue to strive after the 5 second pass we are all anxiously waiting for. Big congratulations from Dodson Motorsport for the weekend and we look forward to seeing faster times run in the near future!

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Visit : for Rod Harvey's Car specification. 

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