Sunday, 13 September 2015

The Fastest TFSI in the world.

These days records are being set just about every weekend, with workshops pushing the limits of capability and going beyond. It keeps the excitement high in the Motorsport industry and for every one who may follow it. Last weekend was no exception as this Camouflage wrapped Audi S3 was pushed to it's maximum and driven harder than ever. 

Down in the beautiful Greek Islands is a place called Crete, Crete is home to DRAGSTER TYMPAKI, an event held at the airstrip in Tympaki. Mike and his team made their way there in attempt to beat the existing European record held by himself, and drove away with success! 

An 8.999 second 1/4 mile was driven at a crazy 241.44 km/h, which makes this Audi S3 Driven by Mike not only the fastest DSG in Europe, but the fastest DSG in the world 1/4 mile stage, and the first DSG to reach the 8 second club, running a Dodson DQ250 Sportsman clutch. It seems that with every new vinyl wrap this car gets, it claims a new record too! 

Huge congratulations to Mike and Exelixis Motorsport  for the amazing feat, and i am certain we will see quicker times run in the coming months as competition gets hot. 

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Photos thanks too Mike, Exelixis and all other contributors. 


  1. The car will hit 8.7 really soon cause it was not changing gears at limiter due to a small ECU malfunction and it was loosing at least 10mph exit speed

  2. The best TFSI in the world...
    2.0 liter engine 8.9sec. 400m

  3. You did an amazing job on this! Thank you so much for sharing your talents!
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