Monday, 21 September 2015

TPG Tuning build worlds quickest M4!

These days it's becoming hard to get world firsts and keep that podium spot as Motorsport teams all around the world modify and push the boundaries of the chassis they have chosen, and being in the world first club (a whole second!) is not common anymore. This however, isn't the case for a tuning company in Blairsville USA named TPG Tuning. 

What TPG Tuning have done, is not only land a world record, but be the first ones anywhere near the result. TPG have driven their F82 M4 to a 10 second 1/4 Mile. This wasn't a one off either as throughout the track time they managed to consecutively run a further 7 x 10 second passes, which i'm sure lead to successful fist pumps and huge smiles throughout the team. The best figure of the day being a 10.79 sec 1/4 Mile at 132.82 mph. 

This brings the TPG Tuning F82 M4 to be the first ever BMW F80 M3/M4 to achieve a 10 second 1/4 mile, and that's only the beginning.  TPG have had help from Dodson Motorsport Dealer John Shepherd at Sheptrans, to do a last minute install and Re-calibration of a Dodson Sportsman Clutch (CSK) to cope with the power levels this car was going to be pushing. 

This is a first time round, the car has more to play with and i'm sure we will see a low 10 second or even a 9 second pass soon as the car opens up further, boost increases and track time is doubled! I would say this outcome from TPG tuning will prompt tuning companies world-wide to push the boundaries and attempt to take the world record for themselves. 

 The image above is photographic proof that these guys ran 8 passes in the 10 second bracket that day, and Dodson Motorsport want to offer massive congratulations to TPG and wish you best of luck for future attempts at maximizing the result from the car, and minimizing the time run down the 1/4 mile! 

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All images thanks too: TPG Tuning. 

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