Sunday, 4 October 2015

Kozmic Motorsports : Worlds First 9 Second SST!

Kozmic MR, Photo thanks to : Dylan Isaac

It seems like there is no other competition out there currently for Eric and the team at Kozmic Motorsports, as they set a record, then a quick month or so later they beat that record, and then roll on one more day and they achieve something never been done in an SST before! It's been a big weekend at Import Faceoff for Kozmic Motorsports as they beat their PB 1/4 mile time and ran mid through to low 10's with their fastest time on saturday being a 10.005 @ 143.18 mph, bringing the EVO X to be the fastest SST in the world. 

Then all of a sudden on Sunday, the hard work and persistence paid off as they brought the EVO X into the 9 second club, with a 9.782 second 1/4 mile @ 141.58 mph. This brings the Kozmic Motorsport EVOX to be the first SST in the 9 second club world-wide. Incredible achievement from Kozmic Motorsports, and i'm sure this isn't the end for this MR as Kozmic will continue to push and discover new limits. 

The Proof!
Kozmic Motorsports EVOX MR was running the Dodson Motorsport EVOX CSK Plus Clutch, which will be available in the coming months. For all inquiries regarding the CSK Plus clutch, please contact

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