Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The R35 GTR Billet Sump Range

The new Dodson GR6 Transmission sump collection will benefit not only those of you that use your car for track days and general street driving, but those who drag their GTR too. With the Circuit developed sump and the Drag developed sump, GTR owners will be able to choose between the two to benefit their specific application. 

There is no external difference between the two sumps as displayed above, however the internal layout is what makes all the difference between the two options. Dodson Motorsport have developed a new Drag purpose GR6 transmission sump which relocates the pickup of the transmission pan filter with the new internal layout. This will benefit people using their GTR for drag and roll race use. The transmission pan filter is secured tight with a stainless steel bracket and still uses the OEM transmission filter. 

Dodson Drag Sump
The "Circuit" sump available replaces the existing Dodson Motorsport transmission pan. The circuit sump has similar rises to the late model GTR sump resulting in better flow for hard cornering on track and general street use.  

Dodson Circuit Sump
Both Dodson Billet Sump pans come complete with a transmission pan gasket and mounting hardware as per the original Dodson sump, and are installed in conjunction with our R35 GR6 Anti Surge Plates. 

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