Sunday, 15 November 2015

Texas 1/2 Mile Shootout 2015

T1 Race Developments GTR

The Texas 1/2 Mile shootout is an event attended by most high speed contenders around the USA, people will travel 100's of miles to attempt world records and enjoy the weekend racing experience. Every year new world records are set and this is no surprise as most cars attending are no less than 1000hp. the weekend of the 14th-15th of November, out at Sulpher Springs Airport Texas saw a few seriously quick speeds recorded... 

T1 Race Developments are a team to keep an eye out for these days, as they are now a top contender on the R35 GTR world stage. Backing this up with the recent 1/2 mile top speed record set at the Texas 1/2 Mile shootout event, a 235.6021 mph run brought these guys into pole position! The previous record was set by them at the same event, and this occurred a handful of times, which means these guys were going to be walking away with the record no matter what! An accident from one final pass left the car battle scarred however i'm sure we'll see it back out there in no time. 

Kozmic Motorsports SST EVO 10

Kozmic Motorsports keep taking out their own record, recently running the worlds quickest SST 1/4 mile time at Import Face Off Texas with a 9.43 @ 154.4 mph, and now running an SST 1/2 Mile speed record of 183.97 mph at the Texas Shootout! With more to go in this set-up we can expect a faster time run in months to come. This particular car has been setting records for the past half year and more and is showing no signs of slowing down. 

Underground Racing Lamborghini Huracan

Underground Racing  were in attendance this year, and they brought their record setting Huracan with them. This Lamborghini is owned by Justin Herrick's, and driven by Kevin Howeth of Underground racing. They set the new 1/2 mile Huracan world record this weekend of 238.60 mph. For those reading thinking of the conversion to KM's right now that's a staggering 383.98 kmh! I'm sure we aren't far off seeing a 400 kmh pass run. 

Over all the event looked like a lot of fun for people both looking to set records and just run their car to it's maximum. I look forward to seeing the next event! A huge congratulations to all new record holders from Dodson Motorsport. 

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