Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Ekanoo Smashing his own R35 Record!

(UPDATE) Ekanoo and the teams involved have just run a 7.30 sec 1/4 mile!

Not to mention this was on the first pass. Ekanoo racing are gaining records on a weekly basis at the moment, the latest record for his T1 GTR being a 7.366 1/4 Mile run at 331km/h. (206mph) Not only that but not long afterward a further 7.45 sec 1/4 mile at 325km/h (202mph) was run. This car is crazy fast and Ekanoo's team have no intentions of slowing down! Check out the video below of the pass. Turn the sound up, sit back and enjoy. 

Video Clip thanks to Ekanoo
Image thanks to Ekanoo

-Nathan Malmo

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